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Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are a great way to get in shape and also make new friends along the way. There are so many options available nowadays that it is easier than ever to find a class that suits you. Here is a summary of 3 of the most popular types of fitness class which are currently available up and down the uk.

Aerobics – Aerobic workouts have been a firm favourite all around the world since Jane Fonda hit our screens in the 80s, they are a great form of cardio, need little equipment and are usually suitable for beginners.  These classes consist of cardio moves to burn fat and also mat work to tackle those problem areas.

Bootcamp – Bootcamps are high intensity training sessions, think push ups, running, bodyweight training and generally pushing yourself just that bit harder than you even thought possible. They are great for building strength and increasing fitness levels.

Spinning – Spinning classes are cardio based workout routines which are performed on an exercise bike. These are fast paced and also can incorporate strength moves. An instructor will talk you through everything as you go along, generally you will adjust your speed to the music they have selected.

Yoga – Yoga is great for improving flexibility, balance and core strengh. In these classes you adopt different poses which can usually be adapted depending on your level of fitness. They are slower paced compared to cardio workouts but are still very effective for both your body and mind

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